Archives for April 2011

Why You Should Choose Grass Fed Meats

Many people have joined the growing trend to eat organic produce – avoiding pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals in their fruits and vegetables, but what about meats and poultry? Grass-fed meats are the only way to go – meats and poultry that have been humanely and sustainably raised, in such a way that enhances the nutritional value and flavor of their meat.  And now those meats can be delivered to your door!! Agribusiness is big business in the United States.  […]
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The HCG Diet Protocol

When I first heard about the HCG protocol, I have to admit I was skeptical.  I mean, really … 500 calories a day?  That would make anyone lose weight, but was it healthy, was it endurable and did the weight rebound back on after the fact?  I remember what crash diets felt like, and they aren’t pretty (nor are they easy for friends, coworkers and family members to live with). But I listened to the rationale behind it, and I […]
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