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Working On Self… An Ongoing Exploration

I have a strong belief that we are all put on this planet for a purpose.  For some it may be to stay home and raise children, for others it might be medicine, helping those who are suffering and teaching people how to better prevent illness; or education, shaping our future generations; or research, to see how things work and develop better systems.  Whatever our purpose is, I believe we will fulfill our destiny better if we are introspective, always […]
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Functional Medicine Testing – The Top 5 Tests

The top five tests everyone should do (that won’t break the bank)! Adrenal and Reproductive Hormone Levels Ok, so maybe I don’t have my kids do this test, but most adults can glean useful information from it.  Cortisol is the stress hormone, so it can be impacted by any kind of stressor on the body from chronic pain and inflammation to sleep disturbance to nutritional imbalance. Imbalances in reproductive hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) in both men and women cause […]
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Five things every woman should do BEFORE she gets pregnant

Pre-Pregnancy Checklist by Dr. Nicola McFadzean, Licensed Naturopath in California and Connecticut   Start an exercise routine The general consensus on exercise for most stages of pregnancy is “do during pregnancy what you were doing prior to pregnancy”.  Of course there are limits to this – I would not recommend a pregnant woman do marathon training, even if she ran a marathon the year prior to her pregnancy.  That might be a little extreme!  But nor should she really start […]
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