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HCG Boost Diet

Give your system a boost for the New Year! Many people go into the New Year a few pounds heavier after the holiday season, but with new resolve to improve their health, balance their weight, and shed those extra pounds that were there before the holidays ever began. There are several options for addressing this. One option, and certainly a sensible one, is to increase exercise, cut back on the alcohol, reduce carbohydrate intake and focus on lean proteins and […]
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Hormones in Men

What they are, and what to do about them! The Significance of Testosterone The primary hormone that we think about in association with men is testosterone. This poor hormone gets some bad publicity as it seems to drive a lot of men’s thoughts and decisions for several years of their life (and from a woman’s perspective, not always in a good way!). Differences in testosterone and estrogen balance do account for many differences between men and women, and sometimes it […]
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