Archives for June 2013

Dr. Nicola’s Maternity Leave

I wanted to fill you in on my plans for the rest of this year. I got married earlier this year, hence the addition of Ducharme to the end of my name, and we are expecting our first child, a baby girl, at the end of September. My current plan is to work as close as possible up to our due date. Once she is born, I will be taking 5-6 weeks off to adjust to my new role as […]
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Dr. Nicola’s Insights In To Lyme Disease Treatment

As numbers of diagnosed Lyme disease patients in Australia grows, the level of government and medical recognition is painfully slow in adapting to the need for information, awareness and acceptance of the problem. Bec Mills, a researcher and documentary film maker, is taking matters into her own hands and is generating a wealth of information which is accessible to all through her YouTube clips and documentaries. On my recent trip to Australia to speak at the 2013 Lyme Symposium, I […]
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