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Upcoming Classes, Webinars and RestorMedicine Updates

Dr. Nicola’s Personal Blog Follow Dr. Nicola’s personal blog for more health articles, recipes and information – www.thenaturopathicmama.com Upcoming Classes and Webinars! Come and join us, all are complimentary classes. In Office Classes – Using Essential Oils to Support Immune Function (“The Lyme Class”) Saturday May 7th at 1pm Join Dr. Nicola as she shares how to use essential oils to promote healthy immune response. Several methods of use will be discussed, as well as recommendations of which oils to […]
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Support Your Detox Pathways While You Cleanse!

Spring is in the air and with that some spring-cleaning! After de-cluttering and vacuuming the house make sure to spend some time detoxing your body as well! We are constantly bombarded with toxins and pollutants in the air, food, and water. Luckily our bodies are primed to deal with these sorts of burdens but it is critical to help support it. Like any running machine our bodies need to be supported and cleaned out once in a while to make […]
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