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Health Coaching

As a holistic health coach, Janelle believes in supporting the whole person – physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual components – and offers a comprehensive array of services to support her clients’ wellbeing, including but not limited to:

Habit and Behavior Change

Strategies for establishing and maintaining habits such as sleep, nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, maintenance of hygiene and house, etc.

Support for Living with Chronic Illness

Guidance for navigating personal and professional adjustments necessary for sustainably managing chronic illness; 

Assessment of what activities, relationships, and responsibilities support symptom management and implementation of changes accordingly.

  • Ex: hours or task modification at work, how to express your needs and your experience to loved ones and coworkers, redistributing household responsibilities, finding new ways to socialize or getting clear on the kinds of people that are nourishing to you, setting boundaries, etc.

Emotional and Mindset Support

Adjust how you internally and externally speak about yourself and your diagnosis/health status. Recognize and release outdated stories and limiting beliefs to fully embody the potential that each day holds for you.

  • Ex: identify root feelings, memories, and beliefs that are disturbing your peace; implement positive psychology strategies to better relate to your diagnosis, utilize the placebo effect to your advantage.

Nutrition Support

Assessment, education, and implementation of eating habits upon discussion of what food and drink supports your unique version of optimal health in terms of metabolism, mood, inflammation, physical activity, intolerances, and overall lifestyle.

  • Ex: Energy levels, autoimmune issues, food intolerances and eating restrictions, relationship to food, eating habits, plant-based, paleo, macronutrients, meal prepping, etc.

Meditation and Mindfulness Instruction

Guided meditations and assistance in implementing mindfulness throughout your day. Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to reduce inflammation, depression, anxiety, and more.

Personalized Yoga Guidance

One-on-one led sessions and/or take-home series of postures tailored to your body and mind’s unique needs–  for support of aches and pains, strength, mobility, etc.

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