Live Blood Analysis at RestorMedicine

Live Blood Analysis Now Available!

Special Pricing for May and June

live blood analysis san diegoLive Blood Analysis is a live blood screening process that instantly provides information about your health, right in front of you as you watch! It is quick and easy, and is suitable for all ages including children. It can provide indicators of health that are unavailable with other forms of blood testing, and it can detect some pathological changes and dysfunctions that occur in the early stages of disease. Using just one drop of blood (taken from your fingertip), we can examine your blood so we can see the following:

  • Sluggishness of immune components
  • Liver, heart and pancreas stress
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Possible hormonal imbalances
  • Bacteria/Parasites/Candida/Fungus/Molds
  • Digestive issues/ Intestinal bacteria growth
  • Leaky gut syndrome/ Arteriosclerotic plaques
  • Toxicity and pH imbalances
  • Sluggish lymphatic system
  • Predisposition to chronic degeneration
  • Free radical damage
  • Bowel toxicity/ Heavy metal poisoning
  • Sugar imbalances inside cells

Stefan Bajon, traditional naturopath and nutritionist, has been conducting live blood analysis for many years and is now part of RestorMedicine. Appointments can be scheduled through Brenda on 619-546-4065 or You can also book online via our website (follow the links for Scheduling Online). For the months of May and June, the special price of $110 applies (regularly $150). This is great value for such an insightful tool.