Dr. Nicola’s Maternity Leave

I wanted to fill you in on my plans for the rest of this year. I got married earlier this year, hence the addition of Ducharme to the end of my name, and we are expecting our first child, a baby girl, at the end of September. My current plan is to work as close as possible up to our due date. Once she is born, I will be taking 5-6 weeks off to adjust to my new role as a mother, but will then come back to the office, seeing patients three days a week as I am currently. I am converting one of my spare offices into a nursery, and will bring baby Valentina to work along with a nanny to care for her. I am hoping that this plan will allow me to give my patients as much continuity of care as possible, while still having my new pride and joy with me!! For the 4-6 weeks that I am home, I can still be in close contact with the office to be able to answer patient questions along the way, and field more urgent patient needs.

It’s an exciting time in our lives and Dave and I are thrilled to be becoming parents, but I also want to reassure you that I will not be disappearing for months on maternity leave and that your continuity of care is important to me too! I hope that the “baby and nanny at work” plan will be a win/ win situation for all of us!

Warm regards,
Dr. Nicola