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Working On Self… An Ongoing Exploration

I have a strong belief that we are all put on this planet for a purpose.  For some it may be to stay home and raise children, for others it might be medicine, helping those who are suffering and teaching people how to better prevent illness; or education, shaping our future generations; or research, to see how things work and develop better systems.  Whatever our purpose is, I believe we will fulfill our destiny better if we are introspective, always looking to know ourselves better and develop our unique inherent gifts.

I will share with you the three things that have helped and shaped me the most along the way.

The first is spiritual connection.  I have a close relationship with God and that guides and shapes my life.  This relationship allows me to hold a balance – that I have to put my own effort in, and keep moving forward, but that ultimately He is in control and is at work in my life.  He has given me certain gifts that allow me to do the things that I do, but I look upwards for His guidance and rely on God to instill and develop those gifts in me.  I know that if I follow the path that God has shown me, that I will make the most impact in this world, rather than trying to do it all by myself.  This shift, which occurred for me three years ago, has made a tremendous impact on my life, and has been the most significant factor in developing me as a person to be able to do the work I do.  I pray for my patients and for my work, because while I am a vessel for information, I need His power to succeed in the work I do.

The second is further education in life, which I have done through Landmark Education (  Landmark Education has allowed me to really be present to who I am and who I want to be in the world.  It has very much allowed me to get unstuck from aspects of myself and my past that might have held me back (such as the false negative beliefs we adopt unknowingly in childhood) and really allowed me to create a blank slate from which I can design my life the way I want it.  Of course part of that has been to really take on the idea of being a physician, a healer, a counselor, and a teacher, and I embrace those roles fully.  I would recommend Landmark Education to everyone (and often do!) who wants to excel in life, to live an extraordinary, not an ordinary life, full of experience and possibility and adventure.

The third contributor for me has been more recent, and I’m talking mostly to the women now (but men, don’t tune out, you all have women in your lives who might need to know this!).  It is a series of workshops and teachings by the group called Pax Programs (  These teachings are based on understanding the differences between men and women, and embracing these differences, respecting them, and living life in harmony with them, instead of being in conflict and angst in our relationships with the opposite sex.  This applies to spouses, boyfriends, fathers, sons, colleagues, and all other relationships between men and women.  We are so different, but the differences are so crucial and so beautiful.

Differences Between Men and WomenTo try to turn a man into some version of what we think we want them to be (i.e. a hairy woman) is a travesty.  In doing so we lose all men have to offer – their desire and drive to protect us, provide for us, and take care of us – and we make them wrong for doing what they know best and do best ie being men.  The teachings also describe the stages in a mans life – for which they use the language Page, Knight, Prince and King – and what each stage involves, what to expect from men in each stage, and how to best support them in each stage.  It’s fascinating research presented in a very light, entertaining manner, and honestly has transformed the way I view male/ female relationships of all types.  And guys, they offer an “understanding women” class as well in case you think we’re all crazy and in need of help!!  You’ll get a better understanding of what makes the women in your life tick and how to communicate effectively with them.

I am committed to ongoing growth and development, and encourage you all to do the same, whatever that looks like for you.  Be the best you can possibly be!!  What works well for me might not work for the next person, but I do know that self-exploration is a journey that is rewarding, beneficial for every person you come in contact with, and will allow you to be more the wonderful special and unique person that you already are.