Natalie Spaeth, Lyme Coach

Natalie is available to Lyme patients as a coach, an advocate, a guide, a support, and a liaison. She can help you navigate complex treatment plans, give support through Herxheimer reactions, help with realistic expectations in treatment, while at the same time providing hope, encouragement, and wisdom.

While Natalie is not a medical provider and will not be altering or creating treatment plans, she will be a fantastic resource for in-between medical consultations, to make sure you are on track with your treatment plan and help to navigate any challenges. She truly gets the impact that Lyme disease has on your life, your relationships, your finances and your family, and can offer her compassionate, experienced perspective.

She will be available for appointments in office, or via phone/Skype. Sessions will be 30 minutes duration. Regular price will be $50, but we are offering an introductory rate of $40. Please contact the office to schedule on 619 546 4065 or info@restormedicine.com.

Natalie’s Story:

Growing up in the hills of San Clemente, California, I was bitten by a tick at the age of 10. Although no symptoms appeared, nor treatment administered at the time, symptoms emerged around to 2013 while studying pre-med as a sophomore in college. Amenorrhea, severe nausea, and fatigue were the first symptoms. Fast forward to fall 2015 when I noticed eight days had gone since my last bowel movement. A recurring cycle emerged of needing laxatives that turned to enemas. I started getting something called “Bells Palsy” of the intestine where portions of it would feel like solid barbed wire throughout parts of the day. Months of seeing uninformed gastroenterologists and infertility specialists took place. Within those months I started getting skin crawling and migrating joint pain. Within that 6-month period, I was sitting in biology class when we had a class on Borrelia when my light bulb fired.

By May 2016 I received an indeterminate Western blot, and clinical diagnosis with my first LLMD, where I started in on the major big pharma guns.

By that point, I was relying on enemas to have a bowel movement with worsening on every scale-musculoskeletal, neurological, with the #1 being GI. After 3 months of the big pharmas, I started on the chapter of IV ozone.

After 50 rounds of ozone with no improvement, we switched to doing a clinical trial of UVLRx. In the middle of the 50 rounds of IV ozone, I was blessed to have a hyperbaric chamber donated to our house. The LLMD recommended I give Rife therapy a try in waiting to see the GI’s at Cedars Sinai. With a deadbolt from the uniformity of Cedars on tick-borne illness, we quickly traversed to the hope of seeing a Chinese Medicine practitioner who used Ayurvedic teas to help cleanse parasites. The Ayurvedic teas ended up causing severe lead poisoning where I landed on 6 months of IV chelation. Once the lead was chelated, we then planted with a long waited LLMD in Beverly Hills who specializes in Gastroenterology. Once he ran a gastric emptying scan to confirm gastroparesis, more co-infections and high viral counts were detected with specialized labs.

By May 2017, the LLMD GI sent me up to UC Davis to treat at their infectious disease unit for the viral count. Although they too were uninformed on the correlations between tick-borne illness and high viral titers, we went forward with an immune-compromised treatment protocol.

By August 2017 I resorted back to the LLMD who is affiliated with the GI LLMD where a port-a-cath was placed as IV feeding and IV antibiotics were much more easier to absorb. My day to days consisted of hooking in at 8 am, switching into another IV at 11 am, 2 pm, 6 pm, and done at 8 pm. All of the in-between was working on sleep and detox to balance the cytokine die-off reactions and medication toxicity overload. My father became my home health nurse, and I became my personal coach to sit and hunker down. After eighteen weeks of IV’s eight hours a day at home and lots of additional appointments on the side, I received a major breakthrough. Although the treatment was heavy on my body, I was getting a decrease in pain, symptom quantity, and movement to the lower intestine.

By February 2018, I reached a point through trying something new in addition to the IV’s. An answer to prayer, I was able to switch from IV feeding to tolerate foods, switch to oral pharmaceuticals, along with the addition of having decreased symptoms. Within those next 6 months, navigating “semi” Lyme-life and a new life was unreal. I was able to come out of a 5-year menopause as the inflammation in my brain decreased, start adding in social activities and have the energy to teach art part-time. I was able to discern which foods my body needed at the time instead of guessing out of pain and bloating. Month 7 post home IV’s and still putting in a lot of work, I was off oral pharmaceutical pulses, had switched to herbal Lyme protocols, and was able to start working 30 hours on my feet a week in addition to a full social life.

It’s true when your doctor says, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”…

With persistent feedback between my LLMD, myself, and family, we were able to work as a unit to navigate the ropes and cables of each week. Treating these infections take stamina to kill the infections slowly enough for your body to allow proper elimination. As each day is different when it comes to Lyme and co-infections, my goal is now to help navigate the ups and downs of each protocol. Having the support of someone who has been in the trenches and gone through. I know what it’s like, I know, and have done, the majority of treatments. I can help you navigate your journey – clarifying treatment plans, supporting, guiding, etc.

Consults are recommended to be scheduled in between your doctor’s visits. During each session, we will address points of interest regarding coping mechanisms with treatment, when to add in certain detox methods, and how to build a practical life outside of treatment within healthy boundaries. I will not change your treatment plan (that is for your doctor) or give medical advice, but can help you understand your protocol and navigate it; in a cost-effective, knowledgeable and supportive way between your practitioner visits.

I look forward to walking with you and assisting you on your journey.

In good health,
Natalie Spaeth