RestorMedicine Welcomes Our New Lyme Coach

We are proud to introduce our new Lyme Coach Natalie Spaeth.

Natalie became desperately sick with Lyme disease in 2016 at age 18, having had a tick bite at age 10. She has done the gamut of treatments – everything from herbs to dietary modifications, Rife therapy, oral and IV antibiotics, HBOT, UVLRx, ozone, TPN and the list goes on. Having once been bed-bound with IV antibiotics and IV feeding, she found her way to recovery through a variety of modalities (both allopathic and naturopathic), and is now strong and healthy and dedicated to helping others navigate their own paths to healing from Lyme.

Natalie is available to Lyme patients as a coach, an advocate, a guide, a support, and a liaison. She can help you navigate complex treatment plans, give support through Herxheimer reactions, help with realistic expectations in treatment, while at the same time providing hope, encouragement, and wisdom.

While Natalie is not a medical provider and will not be altering or creating treatment plans, she will be a fantastic resource for in-between medical consultations, to make sure you are on track with your treatment plan and help to navigate any challenges. She truly gets the impact that Lyme disease has on your life, your relationships, your finances and your family, and can offer her compassionate, experienced perspective.

She will be available for appointments in office, or via phone/Skype. Sessions will be 30 minutes duration. Regular price will be $50, but we are offering an introductory rate of $40. Please contact the office to schedule on 619 546 4065 or info@restormedicine.com.

Learn more about Natalie here..