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Soothe and Relaxx: Help for Pain, Sleep and Mood

One pill that can help pain, sleep and mood – and it’s all-natural!   Soothe and Relaxx is one of my all-time favorite remedies. It contains an amazing mix of ingredients to give it application to many different states and conditions. It lessens pain, reduces inflammation, calms the nervous system, provides joint and connective tissue support and relaxes the muscles. Many people with chronic illness experience pain. Much of that pain stems from inflammation, which can be systemic or localized. […]
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Sleep: A Most Important Element for Good Health

Sleep may be one of the most important things you can do for your health.  Sleep serves many functions for us, and is the time that our bodies do our rest and regeneration. At night, cortisol levels fall, which triggers the “shut down” message for our bodies also.  Melatonin, the hormone that differentiates between night and day, dark and light, increases.  That combination of hormonal events is necessary for healthy sleep patterns. Further, the fall in cortisol allows the immune […]
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Benefits of Neurofeedback

Who can benefit from NeurOptimal Neurofeedback?   Do you reach the end of a day and realize you’ve accomplished only a portion of what you set out to do? Is your cognitive function impaired due to Lyme disease or other chronic illness? Would you like to improve your child’s grades at school or help your ADHD or autistic child reach their full potential? Would you like to feel better physically or lose weight? Do you struggle with insomnia or use […]
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