NeurOptimal Neurofeedback: update and summer special

NeurOptimal neurofeedback is an amazing therapy with benefits for autistic-spectrum disorders, ADHD, Lyme disease, depression, anxiety and eating disorders to name just a few.  We have had a wide array of people doing sessions over the past year, with varying diagnoses, and the results have been impressive. Improved sleep, more positive emotional state, improved memory & cognitive function, and better ability to focus and concentrate are among the top benefits. Here are what some of our patients have experienced so […]
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Pre-Conception Care Protocols

NATUROPATHIC PREGNANCY CARE – NUTRITION Nutrition counseling is an important component of Dr Nicola’s Natural Preconception Program™. Good nutrition is vitally important to all stages of life, especially before conception occurs. Most women are aware of the recommendation to take extra folate during pregnancy, however it is not enough to start taking it when you realize you are pregnant. By then, 6-8 weeks of the pregnancy may have passed. Most birth defects occur when the fetus’s spinal column is fusing […]
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