I had been so sick that I was praying for God to take me quickly and soon. I had spent the last 2 years in a Lyme disease relapse with no quality of life and was mostly bedridden.

Dr. M is the only Lyme literate doctor that has ever treated and brought me significant periods of relieve from chronic Lyme. My other doctors would have rather had me committed to an insane asylum.

In November 2014, I started to feel positive changes and thought. …Could Dr. N’s treatment be working? By Thanksgiving of 2014, I was feeling the best I had felt in over 6 years, back to at least 90+% of normal.

I continued feeling well and loving life. My quality of life has improved so much that I resumed playing softball Monday Wednesday Friday every week. Not bad for a 63 y/o whose mind is stuck at 25.

As I write this note in July 2015, I cannot express enough positive comments. It’s been almost one year since I started her natural treatment. For the last 9 months I have had a real life again.

No question, this treatment has changed my life.

Most individuals trust doctors and medical specialists to find a cure for their illness. Often doctors use trial and error methodology, hoping to get lucky and find the proper remedy. Dr. M is very knowledgeable and open minded enough to try other natural treatments, I am so thankful that she did.

L.F. La Mesa, CA April 1, 2017

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I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your time, dedication, expertise, and caring. Without you our family would be A LOT less healthy. I can’t imagine how we would be feeling if we hadn’t met you! I know you are appreciated by many families and we thank you for everything you do!!!

J.L. Carlsbad, CA February 23, 2017

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I became ill with late stage Lyme disease and two coinfections, Babesia (mimics Malaria) and Bartinella about eight years ago. By the time I found Dr. Nicola, I was so ill that I could barely walk or even sit up on my own. Dr. Nicola’s regiment of treatment was complex, but she walked me through it every step of the way. Her Restor natural liquid herbs products were powerful in fighting these diseases, but also were a huge relief to the effects of the die-off of the diseases. The herxing (die-off effects of disease) process can be just as debilitating as the effects of disease itself. Dr. Nicola’s approach gives relief to symptoms while fighting hard to kill those nasty bugs. Dr. Nicola mind-set is to not just fight the disease, but her protocol (diet, herbs, oils, and antibiotics if necessary) is also to support and strengthen your body as you fight and kill the disease. 

I have been in complete remission for the past four years thanks to Dr. Nicola. I am now working and going to school, as well as writing a book, cooking and enjoying life with my family and friends. I continue to following the Lyme Diet as much as possible and when needed, I use Dr. Nicola’s Restor herbal Detox #2 product to keep my body purified from toxins. I have not had a flare up and I believe it’s because of following Dr. Nicola’s Lyme Diet, (high alkaline protocol), low in sugar and red meats diet, and purifying my body of toxins every so often with her Restor Detox #2 product. Dr. Nicola cares about her patients and if she is not sure of something, she will seek advise or refer her patient to someone who does know. In other words, she is not too proud to say “I don’t know.” She CARES! A rare gem in the medical and natural holistic field of medicine. Dr. Nicola is on the cutting edge of healing remedies and seeks the most innovative techniques to help her patients heal and remain well and strong.

In summary, Dr. Nicola Ducharme saved my life. Her diet, herbs and oils continue to help me stay healthy and strong, with a very clear brain, strong body, and a love for life.

Thank you Dr. Nicola!

K.E. Lake Forest, CA February 23, 2017

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Having met Dr. Nicola, my recovery has escalated by leaps and bounds!  I remember meeting with her and not trusting her or anyone really to lead me to where I want to be…WELL.  I had been on an holistic protocol since 2003 when I met Dr. Nicola in 2014 in a dire health crisis.  It took some time, but I also remember making the decision to trust her and her protocol and in our session that day, I verbally made my commitment to her therapy.  I am so forever grateful.

I have attended meetings and met many people who seem without much hope.  My hope is for complete healing which I believe and receive.  It is happening!!!  So with that, I am very thankful to Dr. Nicola.

B.S. Kansas, OK February 23, 2017