Turbosonic: Shake, Rattle and Roll to Good Health

TurboSonic is a sophisticated exercise and therapeutic wellness machine that uses sonic vibration technology to increase circulation, tone muscles, detoxify the body and help maintain a healthy weight.

Turbosonic Technologies, Turbo Sonic Weight LossI first got the Turbosonic when I was doing the HCG diet protocol, and I was certain that it was helping me with weight loss during the protocol.  But there were other benefits I noticed too.  After just 10 minutes on the Turbosonic, I felt more relaxed, happier, less stressed.  I learned that this was because the Turbosonic sessions stimulate the release of both serotonin and growth hormone.  Great!

Then over time I noticed something else.  The chronic Achilles pain that has plagued me for 20 years was not there!!  For the months that I could use the Turbosonic at least 3 times weekly, I had no achilles pain.  Miraculous!!  I also noticed its profound muscle toning effects.  The machine cycles through different frequency levels, and you can really notice the different muscle groups getting worked!  There are also specific programs you can do for specific “problem areas”.

I love the idea that the Turbosonic can provide a form of exercise for those who are not able to exercise themselves.  Many of my chronic Lyme patients, for example, do not have the energy, or have too much pain, to exercise consistently.  Standing on the Turbosonic for 10 minutes three times weekly would help tremendously in providing the benefits of exercise – muscle toning, lymphatic stimulation, increased circulation – without the stress on the body of normal exercise.  Couple it with 10 to 15 minutes in the infra-red sauna and that’s a great workout right there! Who needs the gym?!

Turbosonic can provide the following exercise benefits:

  • Provides benefits of both anaerobic and aerobic exercise
  • Increases physical strength, dexterity, and endurance
  • Increases balance and coordination
  • Increases flexibility, range of motion and mobility
  • Enhances explosive strength and fast twitch muscles
  • Enhances conventional training results
  • Speeds training recovery
  • Motivation of interest in exercise (10 minute workout sweat not required!)

It also increases bone density, which is a major benefit, especially for women.  In fact, it was first developed for astronauts to regain bone density that they lost in space with no gravity to provide weight bearing).  And ladies (men, skip to the next paragraph) – it is stellar for regaining pelvic floor stability after pregnancy and childbirth).

Turbosonic has also been used to reduce pain in arthritic and rheumatologic conditions (including chronic pain of Lyme disease), and in rehabilitation of various injuries and ailments.

Curious?  Print this article out and bring it in to RestorMedicine (San Diego office only) and we will give you a complementary Turbosonic session*!!  Please contact Adriana to schedule your time. 

*certain contraindications apply