Upcoming Classes and Webinars + An Update On Fees

Classes at RestorMedicine

  • Supporting Healthy Neurological Development in Children With Essential Oils
    Saturday Feb 20th at 1pm
  • Essential Oils for Immune Health
    Wednesday Feb 24th at 6pm
  • Introduction to Essential Oils For the Whole Family
    Saturday March 19th at 1pm

Please RSVP for these classes to info@restormedicine.com or 619-546-4065.


  • Essential Oils for the Whole Family
    Thursday March 3rd at 6pm PST
    Learn what essential oils are, the different ways to use them, and common oils for common health concerns.
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  • Essential Oils for Immune Health
    Friday March 11th at 4pm PST.
    Learn how to use essential oils to support healthy immune function.
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An Update on Fees

It’s been a while since we increased our fees, in fact it’s been two years, so please understand that we have to keep up with the rising costs of education, insurance and so on. Here are our new rates, effective March 1st, 2016.

Dr. Emily
New Patient (60 mins) – $325
Follow Up (30 mins) – $162.50
Extended Follow Up (60 mins) – $325

Dr. Nicola
Not Taking New Patients At This Time
Follow Up (30 mins) – $250 (existing patients)
Discovery Appointments – this is a new type of appointment where patients of Dr. Emily can request a thorough evaluation of their history, and their overall treatment plan by Dr. Nicola. This may occur no more than once every four months. $650 (one hour)

These rates include:

  • 2 brief emails per month between appointments. Additional email support will be $40 each. Please note that emails must relate to prior treatment plan/ clarification; or response to treatment plan. Requests for additional services or treatment advice will require a follow-up appointment.
  • 1 x 10 minute SOS call from Dr. Emily, if needed.

HCG Protocol
23 day – $460
40 day – $510

HCG Refills
23 day – $200
40 day – $250