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Patients in Australia

Australian Patient Guide

Patients living in Australia are very welcome here at RestorMedicine. Dr. Nicola is honored to be able to connect with and help Lyme sufferers in her homeland.

Below is some information to help you better understand what it means to be an international patient at RestorMedicine.

Topics covered include (click link below to go directly to that section):


If you have any questions or need additional information please do not hesitate to email us at or use our Contact Form


Setting Up Your Appointment

We have implemented an online scheduling system that we think will make scheduling more efficient and convenient for you. On our home page click on the “Schedule Now” tab on the right hand side of the page. You will be prompted to register and you can then choose your own appointment time. Please note that all appointment times are Pacific Standard Time. A website such as can help you to convert for your time zone.

If you are not comfortable with that system, you can still schedule via email. Adriana would be happy to assist you.

Paperwork must be received back to the office prior to your appointment time. The new patient paperwork is also posted on our website, but may be requested via email also. Copies of labs, medication and supplements lists, and timelines of events/ symptoms are most helpful. Please send all documents in PDF format if emailing or fax to 1 (619) 270 2582.

Dr. Nicola will Skype you at the appointed time. Please do not Skype her as if she is finishing up with a previous patient it can be disruptive to them. She tries to run as close to scheduled time as possible but please give her 10-15 minutes grace! If you do not have Skype, you will be required to phone in, and Adriana will provide you with the appropriate number according to where Dr. Nicola is at the time (east coast/ west coast).


The initial appointment will be one hour in duration. Follow-ups are 30 minutes, or 15 minutes for brief follow ups.

The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Initial consultation $500 USD
  • Follow up $225 USD

When Dr. Nicola is physically in Australia holding a clinic, the special discounted fee is AUD 400, payable in cash only. For all long-distance appointments to Dr. Nicola’s US office, the regular fee schedule (above) applies.

Patients are required to include a credit card authorization with their initial paperwork and that will be used for billing (consults and supplements) unless other arrangements are made.


Supplements will be shipped from RestorMedicine San Diego and are sent regular U.S. postal service. If you would like expedited Express shipping or courier shipping such as Fedex or UPS, please specify this. These options will incur higher charges. Currently, supplement orders are taking at least 2 weeks to arrive, so please reorder in advance of running out!!


Dr. Nicola is not licensed to practice medicine in Australia, therefore she is not able to prescribe medications. However, she draws on her years of experience treating Lyme disease, and will make recommendations on what medications she would suggest. Your local MD may be willing to follow those recommendations. The Lyme Disease Association of Australia also has a referral of Lyme-friendly MD’s in Australia.

Lab Work

Dr. Nicola can order labs through IGeneX, a specialist Lyme lab in the US. She will provide you with a signed requisition and advise which tests are appropriate and necessary to do. It is your responsibility to contact IGeneX directly and request a kit be sent to you. Their website is There is no fee to have the kit sent to you. Dr. Nicola may also ask you to do other specialized tests such as hormones, heavy metals, mold toxins etc. Some of these kits are available in Australia, some will need to be shipped from the U.S.


Dr. Nicola holds clinics in Sydney twice yearly and in Noosa once yearly. Her goal is to hold quarterly clinics in the future. Appointments are also made through Adriana or via the online scheduling system. They are one hour long (initial and follow up), and cost AUD 400 (cash only). Supplements are available for purchase at the clinics, and IGeneX kits are available for collection. All patients of Dr. Nicola are encouraged to make an appointment for a face-to-face visit while she is in Australia, however this is not mandatory.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask. We are committed to making your experience with RestorMedicine a pleasant one, and look forward to working with you.