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Heavy Metal Chelation

Heavy metal toxicity is an issue that exists alongside many other health conditions and diagnoses.  Many people without any official diagnosis have high levels of heavy metals in their bodies that may be affecting their neurological function.  With the pollution surrounding us today, heavy metals are a part of the environment.

Dr. Nicola uses a wide variety of treatments for heavy metal chelation including oral DMSA or DMPS, Transdermal DMPS, EDTA, RNA products, homeopathic medicines, and supplement regimes that are specific for supporting the body before, during, and after the chelation and detoxification process. She individualizes her programs for each child to best meet their needs and to reduce any adverse effects. If done appropriately, heavy metal chelation and detoxification therapy is a safe and an effective way of improving your child’s health.

Heavy metal toxicity can cause everything from joint pain to brain fog to fatigue to memory loss to inability to focus/ concentrate.  Metals such as mercury, lead and aluminum are known neurotoxins, and can be highly problematic in other issues such as autism, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, and any illness with neurological involvement.

Additionally, Dr. Nicola offers a highly effective heavy metal chelation protocol for women planning to conceive. Assessing heavy metal load and remedying high levels is one of the best things a woman can do before conception.