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Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional counseling covers many different facets, but central to all is the premise that what you eat and drink has a significant impact on your health.

The challenge with nutrition is not just in doing the right thing – it’s in sorting through all the information that is out there regarding what is a healthy diet and what isn’t. For years, the heart foundation touted a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fats. And yet, this kind of diet can almost guarantee weight gain and insulin problems for many people, not to mention the deleterious effect that not eating healthy fats can have on our nervous system, skin, hormones and other body systems.

Nutrition is a very individual thing. We believe that there is no one cookie-cutter approach for everyone. We all have different needs, different biochemistry, different genetics and different health challenges and priorities, and so nutrition needs to be tailored to factor those things in.

At RestorMedicine, we offer a variety of approaches to help you find the nutritional principles that work best for you and your health. These include:

General Nutrition Counseling

An ideal starting point for those who want to learn about general nutrition principles, including how much to eat, the distribution of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and healthy choices within those groups. Sample menus and shopping lists can be provided to help you develop healthier habits.

Food Sensitivity and Gluten Intolerance Assessment

To really fine-tune an individual’s nutritional guidelines, it is crucial to know what their underlying food sensitivities are. Some people may tolerate dairy products just fine, while for another dairy will cause fatigue or sinus congestion. Even “healthy” foods can be allergens, such as garlic, cranberry, bananas and pineapple. Most people find this assessment fascinating and very helpful in making food choices, and it can be done easily and inexpensively with just a finger-stick test.

Gluten intolerance is another important factor – it is increasingly common, and if someone has autoimmune markers for gluten (meaning that eating gluten could trigger their immune system to attack their own tissues), then a gluten-free diet will be a must. We are well versed at educating people in eating gluten-free.

Nutrition for ADHD and Autistic-Spectrum Disorders

Dietary influences play a large role in any disorder involving behavior, cognition and concentration/ focus. Although the gut and the brain might not seem to be closely related, in fact they are very much so. Chemicals contained in certain foods can cross into the brain and make it highly reactive, so dietary modification can have profound influence on these disorders.

The most common dietary change in autism is the gluten-free, casein-free diet. With outstanding success in improving many facets of autism, it is still a difficult diet to implement for many families. We can show you how to do that successfully, step-by-step, in a way that will benefit the entire family.

Nutrition for Lyme disease and Chronic Infectious Illness

Chronic infectious processes such as Lyme disease create a lot of inflammation in the body. Certain foods are known to fuel inflammation more than others. We counsel you on which foods reduce inflammation, and which foods fuel inflammation. We also advise you on how to eat to strengthen your immune system, balance hormones and support detoxification, all of which are involved in chronic illness.

Nutrition for Detoxification

Nutrition can be used to support detoxification and elimination. Some foods are very liver-friendly, some support healthy bowel function. The RestorMedicine Detoxification Program outlines step-by-step the foods to eat to promote detoxification, and assists your body in clearing built-up toxins and preventing them from building up again.

Nutrition for Weight Loss/ HCG Weight Loss Program

Nutrition and weight loss are obviously connected. In designing weight management programs, we look at things like food sensitivities, gluten intolerance, candida overgrowth and hormonal elements.

The HCG weight loss program is a highly structured and immensely successful way to shed pounds quickly without rebound weight gain, and many of our patients have found that doing the protocol was a great kick-start but more importantly, that it set them up for better long-term habits with food.

Our nutritionist can tailor a program just for you, and can help guide you in the best tools and techniques specific to your own nutritional needs and goals.