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As a prospective patient, it is helpful to learn more about RestorMedicine and our practitioners by hearing what others have to say.

We are grateful to be able to post testimonials from our patients, and below you will find some of those stories.

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General Medicine

I Feel More "Myself" Than I Have In A Decade.

When I met you, my thyroid wasn't functioning properly; I weighed over 200 lbs., was anemic and had no idea I had food allergies. My first meeting with you was exactly what I had always imagined a good doctor/patient relationship would be. You listened, you were receptive to my intuitions and always found a way to ground them in something practical and effective. As a practitioner, you inspire confidence with a complete absence of ego or professional arrogance. You think creatively about the "whole", and the effect is that I walk away feeling more whole and alive, and less like the bag of parts that years at the affect of "modern medicine" had imprinted. Today, with your help (and that of the task master Bikram) I feel more "myself" than I have in a decade. I recommend you to everyone who says, "What did you do last year? You look amazing!"

I Am Eternally Grateful For Naturopathic Medicine And The Safe Health Alternatives It Provides.

Not a day goes by that I am not totally and completely relieved and grateful for how you have helped my daughter. Eating gluten free has not been easy for her and as she grows and feels better she is gradually noticing and seeing the difference in how she feels. Recognizing that her concerns are minor in comparison to other patients you treat, I just keep thinking back to how many times in the past 3 years we had taken her to the doctors for symptoms that were making her feel out of sorts and would walk away with nothing but a diganosis of "anxious tendencies" and iron supplements for anemia.

Had we not met you this past summer, I am certain she would have been prescribed medications to treat symptoms for her behavior without anyone discovering her gluten intolerance. While I find her pediatrician to be competent and give him credit for treating her for other ailments over the years, nothing compares to the individualized assessments and recommendations you have provided for her. She is now a happier and healthier person. I am eternally grateful for Naturopathic medicine and the safe health alternatives it provides. Thank you!

She Went Outside Traditional Limits To Prescribe Treatments That Would Fix The Problem

Dr. Nicola took time to do an extensive assessment of the problem/symptoms I was having - by listening and by recommending/administering relevant samples/tests. She went outside traditional limits to prescribe treatments that would fix the problem from the inside out, rather than only bandage symptoms or pain.

I Tust And Enthusiastically Recommend Dr McFadzean

Struggling with unregulated hypothyroid, anemia and weight gain for years, every MD I saw simply ordered more tests and told me to "eat less, exercise more" to lose the 60+ pounds I had gained when my metabolism plummeted. After exploring several potential causes, Dr McFadzean suggested allergy testing. We discovered that I was allergic to much of what I had been eating. Now, after five months of completely eliminating all allergens, I have lost 28 pounds, my energy level is higher than it's been in eight years, and I feel healthier than I have in a long time.

I trust and enthusiastically recommend Dr McFadzean for her intuitive, accessible, open approach. She empowers and partners with her patients, gently guiding toward overall wellness. For the first time in my life, I feel like my doctor actually cares for the whole person I am, rather than observing and clinically diagnosing a collection of "parts." Thanks to Dr McFadzean, I have renewed energy for my life, and there is no way to put a price on that.

In The Future, You Will Be My First Stop, Not My Last.

You already have been a significant help, catching what many doctors missed. I felt cared for and relieved as we left your office. You are doctor I have been looking for. I appreciate your responsiveness, as well as your willingness to question prior lab results and think outside the box. In the future, you will be my first stop, not my last.

I Owe My Life To Her!

After it was missed for many, many years and by many wonderful Internal Medicine Specialists, the knowledgeable doctor who finally diagnosed me was Dr Nicola McFadzean. She’s incredible! Once I regain my strength, I will owe my life to her!


Amazed By The Effective Results In A Short Time

The balance of science and good medicine with a thorough understanding of herbal remedies and alternative medicine is unparalleled. I have been so disappointed in the past by practitioners who mainly want to sell a product or who know much less than I do about my children’s condition. I was so grateful to find someone who knew so much – what tests to order, how to interpret them, which products to recommend – and amazed by the effective results in a short time. I consider myself quite capable and resourceful yet in a decade I have never found another practitioner with the same balance and insight. I would like to see you do more outreach or training, or travel to other areas, because there are very few people like you with your knowledge base.

You Actually Care About Me As A Person

My experience with you has been very satisfying. I have been listened to. I received a provisional diagnosis that was followed up on in a rational, systematic manner. I received treatment that is actually making a difference. You have worked with me to help solve the various problems that have arisen along the way. You haven’t been too busy to communicate with me. It has been enough to make me think that you not only know what you are doing, but that you actually care about me as a person. I have not felt like I was just another one of those “cases” that walk through the door and from which you make your living and pay your overhead.

Her treatment has made a massive difference to my health

I really like Dr. Nicola – she is caring, my kids like her, and she incredibly experienced with LD. I like the fact that she works with you, rather than just telling you what to do (although I do what she suggests, it is a discussion rather than a lecture). She has made a massive difference to my health – I have been washing myself for 6 months, after having someone come to the house to wash me for the past 7 years. I haven’t used my wheelchair since Christmas. Her treatment has made a massive difference to my health – Thank You!!

She Appears To Continue Educating Herself To New Treatment Modalities.

By my second conversation (phone appointment) I realized Nicola was a very skilled and knowledgeable physician, something I have not found in the past 15 years. I also appreciate the fact that she will use prescription drugs if necessary, but that she seeks natural means of encouraging your body to heal itself. I am also impressed that she appears to continue educating herself to new treatment modalities.

Lyme Disease

I’m So Grateful To Be A Happy, Healthy, Recovered Lyme Disease Person!

It was so good to see you at the ILADS conference. I was thinking, I wish you could have seen me at my worst, bedridden and really unable to move at all. What a contrast. Each day is so tremendous for me now. I’m so grateful to be a happy, healthy, recovered Lyme Disease person! Your input was invaluable to me. Keep up the good work! You are great!

The Only One Able To Make A Clear Diagnosis

After 15 doctors over 10 months time, Dr. McFadzean Ducharme was the only one able to make a clear diagnosis based on all the lab tests, and clinical symptoms presented which allowed a positive treatment protocol to be developed and real results to be achieved.

Without You Our Family Would Be A LOT Less Healthy

I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your time, dedication, expertise, and caring. Without you our family would be A LOT less healthy. I can’t imagine how we would be feeling if we hadn’t met you! I know you are appreciated by many families and we thank you for everything you do!!!

Thank You So Much for Sharing Your Wisdom, Expertise, and Experiences in Healing Lyme So I May Incorporate it into My Journey.

Nicola! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your recommendations and guidance in the “Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment” book. I have had this on my library shelf since 2015 when I was first diagnosed. It’s been a long road with twists and turns, and recently, hauled this book out. I must say your chapter was chocked full of so many insightful and helpful nuggets. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, expertise, and experiences in healing Lyme so I may incorporate it into my journey. You provided excellent reminders and really captured “Lyme” from a patient’s perspective.

I also realized you wrote the magnificent and remarkable, “The Lyme Diet” book! That book is powerful and instrumental for me! It came across as another book “recommended for me” on my Lyme book research online recently. Thank you again for sharing your strategies so widely so someone like me could find their way to them. God bless you in all that you do! Keep it up!