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IV Nutrient Therapy

IV therapy is becoming more familiar to the public in recent times and has rapidly gained in popularity, as people discover their incredible health benefits.

Whether we need extra immune support of high-dose vitamin C, or an energy boost from Myers Cocktail for the many B vitamins it offers, IV therapy has something to offer a multitude of conditions. No matter why someone is experiencing less than perfect health, IV therapy can be part of the solution needed to get them back on track fast.

Nutrients are delivered intravenously (IV) directly into the bloodstream, which allows all the nutrition to be available to the cells and organs immediately, which can help the patient to start feeling better sooner. We can also administer higher doses of nutrients through an IV than one could take orally, meaning great nutrition to the cells.

There are many benefits to including IV therapy in your health program. From improved energy, brighter outlook, and a better sense of well-being to treatment-focused issues centered on a specific condition.

Here is an initial list of some of our basic menu offerings with a description of each and what you can expect when coming in for an IV treatment. We currently are offering the Immune, Myers Cocktail, Hydration, Liquid Zen, and Ozone.

The Immune IV
The Immune IV is designed to help boost the immune system’s function and strength. Whether someone is getting ready to fly a plane, or had 3 kids that came home with something from school that week, staying well is a great reason to try this one out. It also helps lessen the amount of time spent sick, especially with viruses. If you are someone that seems to get sick more than you like, this might be the one for you.

Myer’s Cocktail
The Myers Cocktail is the old standby when we are looking for a general pick-me-up, supplying plenty of B vitamins when needed. This IV is well known for helping to refill one’s energy tanks. This is a popular one for those that seem to feel fatigue more than they might like.

This is a great basic IV for athletes to speed up recovery, for those who are dehydrated, not drinking enough water, or are needing extra electrolytes. It contains electrolytes and minerals.

Liquid Zen
Liquid Zen really helps when we need to take the edge off anxious feelings and stress. Plenty of magnesium, along with other relaxation-inducing ingredients are what give this IV its name. When you feel like you need some help to feel calm, this is the IV to get. It can be helpful for promoting restful sleep as well.

Ozone has been around since before antibiotics. That’s right! This IV is great when you are suffering from a chronic immune condition, or currently fighting a virus. This IV seems like magic in that it sanitizes the blood. If you already have an infection, it will clean the blood, which allows the immune system to use its energy more efficiently to help you feel better.

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