HCG Weight Loss

The HCG weight loss program is a simple-to-follow, highly effective way to lose a significant amount of weight in a relatively short period to time, without slowing down the metabolism, experiencing unwanted hunger, or regaining the weight back afterwards.

The HCG protocol combines a strict and specific diet with a small daily amount of the hormone HCG given either sublingually or by injection. This combination stimulates the hypothalamus to release abnormal fat deposits in the body, thus allowing the body to lose massive amounts of this stubborn fat quickly.  This results in a dramatic reshaping and re-sculpting of the body while retaining important structural fat and muscle mass.  The protocol is equally effective for both men and women.

Dr. Nicola offers both injectable HCG and sublingual homeopathic drops.

How Long is the HCG Diet Protocol?

The program is a minimum of 23 days for those wanting to lose less than 20 lbs. Those with more than 20 lbs to lose can either extend the protocol out to 40 days, or repeat the 23 day cycle after a 6 week break. Dr. Nicola will work with you at the end of your protocol to make sure you maintain your great results.

What Can I Expect in the Long Term?

The protocol resets the abnormal hypothalamus condition, thus eliminating constant hunger, eliminating food cravings, increasing metabolism, and normalizing the hypothalamus so that the body does not abnormally store high amounts of fat in the secure problem areas in the future.  Of course, healthy habits must be adopted to maintain weight loss, however the resetting of the hypothalamus is key in keeping the weight off. Having done the protocol herself, Dr. Nicola has discovered some of the secrets of maintaining weight loss while boosting overall long-term health.

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