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Dr. Nicola’s Approach to Autism

The health issues of children suffering with an autistic-spectrum disorder are very complex. Genetic susceptibilities, digestive problems, yeast, parasitic, viral, and other chronic infections, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, gluten and casein intolerance, heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune issues, and vaccine injury make up a short list of the stressors and health problems facing these children. Dr. Nicola’s approach is to help optimize your child’s potential. This includes utilizing a wide variety of diagnostic tests to scientifically assess their underlying body function, address nutritional and dietary needs, and to use herbal, homeopathic, nutritional supplements and other natural and complimentary medicines as needed to support healing and improve their vitality.

The amount of information with regards to the biomedical approach can be overwhelming. Knowing what to do first, how to prioritize testing and therapies, dietary changes, what supplements to use, etc. leaves many parents feeling frustrated. This is understandable because much of the information that is available with regards to biomedical therapies is not well recognized by most of the medical community, and so much of the information needs to be obtained from books, articles, support groups, and the internet. However, Dr. Nicola realizes that utilizing the biomedical approach is absolutely essential to addressing the underlying cause of your child’s condition. She can help guide you through the process is a caring, patient and compassionate manner.

4 Major Categories of Naturopathic Treatment for Autism

1) Reducing the Toxic Stress! – In this example stress is considered to be the various toxins, ie. food, chemicals, metals, infections that may be affecting your child’s body. Dr. Nicola’s firm belief is that the reason we are experiencing an epidemic in autistic-spectrum disorders is because genetically these children have higher degrees of susceptibilities to having problems eliminating toxins from their bodies compared to neuro-typical children.

2) Reducing Allergy and Inflammation – Toxins in the body will increase the potential for allergy, and allergy always generates inflammation. Inflammation is very damaging to the body, especially if the nature of inflammation is chronic. An assumption can be made that children with autistic-spectrum disorders are dealing with a level of neurological inflammation as well. Toxins of many forms such as foods, viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals can all generate inflammation. Dr. Nicola’s approach is to help reduce these various forms of toxins for the alleviation of neurological inflammation.

3) Detoxification (chelation or cleansing) – As you begin to decrease the allergy and inflammation through dietary control, supplementation, etc. your child can begin the process of detoxification more effectively. Detoxification is the process of cleansing toxins. Our body generates many chemicals that naturally help do this for us. The skin, digestion, liver and kidneys are the organ systems responsible for detoxification. One of the challenges with children on the autistic-spectrum is they commonly have weakened detoxification capacity. Therefore, aiding their body with this process is critical.

4) Neurological Healing and Recovery – Once your child’s system has been cleared of toxins to the best of their ability they can begin the process of neurological healing and recovery. We use the word recovery because for many children this potential is achievable. Of course, it is difficult to predict which child will reach this full potential, but we strive to improve your child’s health and optimize their health potential to what ever level their potential may be.

Dr. Nicola’s Naturopathic Autism Treatment Protocols –

(not all are listed)

  • GFCFSF Diet/ Feingold Diet/ SCD
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Methylcobalamin (MB-12) Injections
  • Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
  • Anti-Fungal Therapy
  • Chelation Therapy Using EDTA, DMSA or DMPS
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

We applaud you in your pursuit to further help your child utilizing the resources of the integrative and alternative medical community. It is not easy to venture outside the conventional medical system, but their common belief that “nothing can be done for these kids” and that “complementary and alternative treatments have no value in the treatment of autistic-spectrum disorders” are absolutely false and misleading. These ideas cast doubt, confusion, and hopelessness upon parents who are desperately seeking ways to help their children. Our advice is to educate your self about available alternative therapies. Education is the best medicine and the literature regarding complementary treatments for autistic-spectrum disorders is plentiful. Empower yourself and trust your intuition in your pursuit of integrative therapeutics. We will be pleased to offer our help for the health and well-being of your child.