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Injectable Nutrients Now at RestorMedicine

b12 injections san diegoWe’re doing shots at RestorMedicine!

It’s always five o’clock somewhere, so we’re doing shots all day long! Come in and experience a health and energy boost with injectable vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

Injectables are a great way of taking in nutrients for a couple of reasons

1. You can get higher doses via injection than could be taken orally without experiencing side effects. For example, too much magnesium would cause diarrhea if taken in capsule or liquid form. In injectable form it bypasses the gut so would not have that effect.

2. Absorption is better through injection than through pills, meaning more of the good stuff gets to your cells. B12 is a great example of that – taken in capsule form very little actual B12 is absorbed; sublingual form is a bit better; but injectable form is the very best.

3. Superior forms of nutrients can be obtained – we won’t bore you with biochemistry, but methyl-B12 is the superior form of B12, and that’s all we use here at RestorMedicine.

Here’s a sampling of our menu items

The Skinny Shot
Get an energy boost while also giving your body some fat-burning amino acids. Works great in conjunction with our HCG weight loss protocol, but also assists in weight loss with your own sensible meal plan and exercise regimen.
Contains: Methyl-B12, methionine, inositol, choline.

The Energy Shot
This shot will give you extra get up and go, as well as helping your body handle everyday stressors. We use an ultra high potency methyl-B12 to ensure you get the best results, mixing it with a blend of other B vitamins to support energy production and fuel every biochemical process in your body.
Contains: Methyl-B12, B Complex.

The Immune Shot
If you feel a cold or flu coming your way, this will help to send it packing. Give your immune system a major boost with high doses of its favorite vitamins.
Contains: high dose Vitamin A, high dose Vitamin D.

The Wellness Shot
For more chronic conditions such as Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, this injection contains some of the key nutrients needed to support the immune system, boost energy and assist cellular healing.
Contains: glutathione, magnesium, methyl-B12, B complex.

The Men’s Vitality Shot
As men’s hormone levels fall they can become prone to fatigue, depression, increased body fat and loss of lean muscle tissue, lack of libido, and a host of other issues caused by testosterone imbalance. The men’s vitality shot is the perfect antidote to balance hormones and give an energy boost along the way. (Note: labs may be required to check testosterone levels)
Contains: testosterone and methyl-B12.

Or talk to us and we can mix and match a formulation just for you!!

We recommend that you get injections weekly, at least in the beginning, to replenish the levels of nutrients in your body. In the case of our immune shot, you can use it as needed when feeling a cold or flu coming on. Some of our patients do one wellness shot per week and one immune-boosting shot per week and that works beautifully. For our HCG patients, we recommend skinny shots every other day for the duration of the protocol – they will boost energy and assist the weight loss process (we can even send them home with you for you to do yourself!).

Pricing Information

The Skinny Shot $25
The Energy Shot $25
The Immune Shot $30
The Wellness Shot $30
The Men’s Vitality Shot $30

We offer a 10% discount for packages of 10 pre-paid shots!

And as an introductory special we are offering 20% off all our shots for the month of June.

Call us for more information or to schedule your visit.