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Lyme Disease Diet and Lifestyle Factors

Tips for Nutrition and Lifestyle to Heal From Lyme Disease


  1. Drink 2L daily of clean, filtered water – helps to flush out waste material
  2. Reduce foods that cause inflammation – gluten, dairy, any foods with IgG intolerance
  3. Diet should comprise mostly of lean, organic proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats such as olives, avocado, coconut, flax oil
  4. Ensure adequate fiber to sweep/ detox bowels – flax seed, psyllium
  5. Minimize sugars, caffeine and saturated fats
  6. Sleep – maximize sleep before midnight
  7. Exercise – some gentle exercise is good, but not so much that it wears the person out or increases pain/ fatigue in following days. Stretching, pilates, swimming, walking are preferable.