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Lyme Treatment – Acute vs. Chronic Disease

Lymes DiseaseLyme disease can be classified as either Acute or Chronic depending on the duration of time that has passed since the initial infection. Lyme disease treatments differ depending on whether it is an Acute or Chronic case being addressed.


Acute Lyme Disease Treatment

Treatment rendered between 6-8 weeks post infection. If high enough doses and treatment are started early enough, it can eradicate the infection.


Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment

Chronic Lyme infections require long term use of antibiotics – several months up to 2 years and beyond.

Antibiotics should be combined for different forms of Borrelia.

Treatment may require IM (intra-muscular) or IV (intra-venous) antibiotics, and/or various combinations of oral antibiotics. The medications chosen depends on patient sensitivity levels, allergies, co-infections, side effects.