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Dr. Nicola’s Approach to Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a complex and multi-factorial illness, and subsequently there is no straight-forward, one-size-fits-all approach to treating it.

Dr Nicola adopts a comprehensive approach, blending western medicine with traditional naturopathic therapies. She is not opposed to the use of long-term antibiotic regimens in many cases, and in fact, supports and manages these protocols for many of her patients. However, Dr. Nicola goes further to incorporate natural therapies such as immune support, detoxification support, hormone balancing, preventive anti-fungal regimens, digestive support etc. She uses dietary changes, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, homeopathics and adjunct therapies such as neurofeedback to optimize the health of her patients. She also uses natural antimicrobials where possible, either in place of, or alongside, prescription antibiotics.

In some cases Dr. Nicola will treat exclusively with natural therapies. This may be the best path for individuals who have not responded well to antibiotic therapy, have experienced unwanted side effects, or simply believe that their body responds better to more natural approaches. Choices about the best therapeutic approaches are made on a case-by-case basis by both Dr. Nicola and the patient together, working as a team.


  1. abigail whiteman says

    I was diagnosed with Lyme in Australia 2 months ago. I have just finished 6 weeks doxy and apart from some symptoms which never reduced, I am getting worse again with pressure in head/headaches, dizziness, exhaustion, lung problems etc I am unsure what to do now as the doctor I have been seeing is not that experienced and told me to wait 6 weeks before sending blood to Igenex andI don’t wish to wait. I need to know treatment options asap. I am willing to travel o/s if necessary. Where are the best treatment centers and doctors to treat Lyme?

  2. Craig Michaels says

    Hi Abigail: I, too,, went through very much the same thing, with physicians who were not, Lyme literate. I insisted my Internist put me on an antibiotic, for as long as I felt I needed it. He agreed but then prescribed IV infusion of Ceftriaxone or Rocephin, which believe it or not, lasted for over 9 years of antibiotic treatment by visiting the Infusion Center, every damn day for those 9 years…But I believe that it is the only reason I was able to at least become somewhat productive, back into our working society. Also, I finished my degree and taught school for 14 years, at which time,I came down with peripheral neuropathy in my legs and I had to retire from that job. I have my bouts with the disease and it shall never go away but at least I manage my pain with medications and exercise. Please, get back on some antibiotic and be demanding because it is your body, your health, your future and no one will fight for you, like you…!!!…Stay in touch and let me know how you are doing. Write me an email now & then to my email address above…Merry Christmas, Craig

  3. Craig Michaels says

    Abigail, I forgot to mention that I live in Stamford, Connecticut and was treated here as well. Unfortunately, the two physicians I treated with both had Lyme disease and both had to resign their practices because of this damn disease. The Infusion of antibiotics was and is the only way I know, that helped me improve. I lost my ability to speak, to read, to walk, to just about every other function a human can think of. I even experienced a “white blindness,” which stopped me from driving, obviously, and many other functions. Once it entered my CNS, Central Nervous System, I knew it was too late to ever become better than what I am and yes, I am still angry at those doctors that shunned it and me, in the very beginning. One guy said I had leukemia and made me go through the horribly painful bone-marrow test. He was the first doctor I saw but should have been the last. Very unprofessional and unethical…I hope the New Year brings you some relief. Keep reading everything you can get your hands on and educate yourself, if you have not already done so…Bye, Craig Michaels