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Naturopathic Detox at RestorMedicine

New Detoxification Therapies at RestorMedicine

Natural Detoxification ProgramsWe all know that we live in a polluted world … there is mercury in the fish we eat, lead in the water we drink, chemicals in the veggies we eat, and antibiotics in the meat and poultry we ingest.  And never mind the air that is constantly being dirtied by coal-burning power plants, the chemicals in medications, toxins in cleaning products, aluminum in personal care products … and it goes on.  Got the picture?

There are ways to reduce the amount of toxins we take it through drinking purified water, eating organic food, choosing green home and personal care products, etc., but what about those that have already snuck in?  We need to get those out to regain optimal and vibrant health.

Thankfully, there are ways to cleanse and purify the body.  Detox programs that support liver, kidney and bowel function through nutrition and supplementation can provide a good kick-start, while full-blown heavy metal chelation programs and serious liver de-sludging are necessary for those heavily burdened by toxins.

There are also powerful therapies that assist the body to throw off toxins, and we now offer those therapies to our patients at RestorMedicine San Diego.

Far Infra-red Sauna

This is a whole body treatment and a powerful detox tool. You bring your bathing suit and towel and spend 10-30 minutes lying in our portable sauna. The benefit of infra-red over regular sauna is that it achieves deeper penetration of heat, at a lower temperature than a regular sauna. Therefore, it is more comfortable to be in, but overall achieves a greater level of detox. It helps weight loss, cellulite reduction, and improvements in skin condition, and is a key element in supporting detoxification in chronic health conditions such as Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity.

Treatments are 10-30 minutes each, 2-3 times per week.

Turbosonic Vibration Therapy

The Turbosonic machine is a highly sophisticated machine that emits sound waves through a plate that one stands on.  It has numerous benefits in detoxification, including enhancing lymphatic flow, breaking up toxins stored in fatty tissues (hence also reducing cellulite), improving oxygen flow throughout the body, and boosting growth hormones and serotonin levels.  It tones muscles in those who are not able to do rigorous exercise and is used extensively in weight loss regimens.

Sessions are 10-20 minutes in duration, ideally done 2-3 times weekly

To read more about Turbosonic Vibration Therapy click here – What is the Turbosonic Machine?

Methyl-B12 injections

Injectible B12 has a long history of use for weight loss, energy production and immune support.  But a more advanced form of B12 known as methylcobalamin (or MB-12 for short) has powerful detoxification powers, through up-regulating the methylation pathways of the body, which are crucial for adequate detoxification to occur.  The Methyl-B12 we give at RestorMedicine contains 3000mcg per dose, which is 3x more potent than most sources, and we often combine it with B complex for even more benefit.

MB-12 injections are done once or twice weekly for the first month, or even more frequently in intensive detox programs.  After that 1 every week or two weeks is usually adequate to maintain the benefit.

Pricing for Detox Therapies:


FIR sauna – $30

Turbosonic – $15

MB-12 injection – $20

MB-12/ B complex injection – $25

Summer Special – choose any two detox therapies for only $40. 

Limited time only. Offer expires September 1, 2011.

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