Pre-Conception Care Timelines

It is estimated that roughly 40% of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. Those that are planned actually start preparation for a healthy baby after conception has already taken place. In the biological sense the life process, and the hazard to development of the life process, begins about 100 days before conception, when both the male and female germ cells (sperm and egg) begin their maturation process. It is at this time that both the sperm and the egg are most vulnerable to toxins, nutritional deficiencies and radiation.

Therefore, the first thing to do in Dr Nicola’s Natural Preconception Program™ is evaluate timing of the desired pregnancy. The ideal timeline to be able to do a thorough assessment of preconception needs and implement the therapies necessary is 12-18 months before conception is planned. However, if parents are hoping to conceive earlier than that, the program can be tailored to fit. Once the initial testing has been completed, Dr. Nicola will be in a better position to advise how long it might take to address areas of concern, and have mom and dad at their optimal level of health. At the very least, 100 days prior to conception is the minimum for basic nutritional interventions and supportive supplementation; however this does not allow enough time for detoxification protocols or treating other underlying stressors within the body.

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