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Product Spotlight – Black Living Water

Does Your Water Energize You?

It’s an unfortunate fact that soil quality these days is sadly lacking in nutrients, especially minerals. In 1992 the official report of the Rio Earth Summit soil study world wide concluded that average mineral levels on agricultural soils had fallen by 72% in Europe, 76% in Asia and 85% in the United States. That means that our food is also mineral depleted. Since minerals are vital to our existence, and are the cofactors to so many enzymatic reactions in our body (including energy production), it follows that the depletion in our bodies is contributing to many chronic health problems. Black Living Water is a rich source of minerals and naturally-occurring probiotics – 1 small scoop added to your water bottle can remineralize and energize your body. So I ask you, does your water energize you?

I’m a big fan of alkaline water, I definitely noticed a difference in energy and well-being when I started drinking it. Since I’ve started adding Black Living Powder, I have definitely noticed more energy throughout the day, and I’ve been sleeping like a baby. My runs have been easier, and I just feel more peppy overall. I am just coming of a 10-day cleanse and drinking Black Living Water throughout that period definitely helped me not feel hungry and kept my energy stable throughout the day.

Mineral deficiency has been linked to a ton of different diseases and health conditions. Our bodies rely on minerals and trace minerals to metabolize essential nutrients, and to conduct and generate billions of electrical impulses. Without minerals we would not be able to survive.

We can’t rely on our food to provide us with healthy levels of minerals any more. One report showed that the minerals in fruit, vegetables and nuts have depleted from 24% to over 76% by 1991. Studies from 1940-1991 found that in 20 vegetables the average calcium content has declined 46%, iron 27%, potassium 19%, zinc 59%, copper 76%, magnesium 24% and sodium 29%. They’re some pretty frightening numbers.

black-probioticsSo what is so special about Black Living Water? It is a rich source of fulvic and humic minerals – both which contain high levels of trace minerals. Humic minerals are the powerhouses of all minerals, reducing oxidative stress, protecting cells from toxins and accelerating the cellular healing process. Fulvic minerals help with the metabolism of nutrients, recharging the electrical properties of cells and restoring function to the vital processes of our body. Where humic minerals do most of their work outside the cells, fulvic minerals work inside the cells themselves.

One serving of Black Living Water also contains 12.5 billion units of soil-based probiotics, which helps the gut to function properly and supports the gut’s immune health. Only when the gut flora is healthy can we metabolize nutrients, vitamins and minerals from food.

Black Living Water is alkaline, with a pH of 10.0. It is all organic, and contains over 77 trace minerals. While it can be purchased in single bottles, by far the most economical way is to purchase it as a powder and add one small scoop to your water bottle each day. It definitely turns the water black (I had a patient ask me if I was drinking soda at work the other day!

), but if you put one scoop in 24 (ish) ounces of water, you will hardly notice the taste. People with chronic illness or who are profoundly depleted may want to do 2-3 scoops per day for the first month or so until they’ve replenished their mineral stores, then can cut down to the maintenance dose of 1 scoop daily. You can purchase it through our online store here.

I’m a huge fan. To be quite honest, I have pretty good energy and feel very well most days, so supplements have to be pretty special for me to really notice a difference. I have definitely noticed a difference in how I feel since I’ve been drinking Black Living Water. It’s taking off in the elite athlete community too, and is endorsed by the U.S. Olympic wrestling team (and those guys clearly need tons of energy!).

I noticed a difference within a few days of drinking it. Try it for yourself and see how you feel.