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Detoxification at RestorMedicine

Introducing the RestorDetoxification Program


After months of careful formulation and design, we are pleased to introduce the RestorDetoxification Program. Whether you just need a spring clean to boost your energy or shed a few pounds, or you are suffering from a chronic illness that taxes all your body’s systems, a detoxification program can be a powerful tool to boost your health.

San Diego Detoxification ProgramOur bodies, although perfect in design, were never designed for what they are subjected to today. We live in a polluted environment – our food, drink and even the air we breathe are all contaminated with chemicals and pollutants. Our bodies also produce toxins naturally as they carry out our normal biochemical and metabolic processes.

Typically, our liver handles this toxic stress by cleaning up the blood and lymph, engulfing toxins and secreting enzymes to break them down. Then other organs are responsible for getting toxins out of the body, such as the kidneys, bowels, lungs and skin.

Either a higher than normal load of toxins coming in, or sluggish liver or bowel function, can cause the detox systems to get backed up. When that happens, feelings of good health and vitality go out the window, and negative symptoms emerge, such as muscle aches and pains, headaches, low energy, brain fog, skin rashes, weight gain, and hormone imbalance (the liver detoxifies our hormones so if the liver is not processing efficiently, the hormones go awry).

Natural Approaches to Detoxification

All Natural Detox in Southern CaliforniaThere are two ways to help this problem. The first is to minimize the input of chemicals that generate toxicity. This can be done nutritionally by eating “clean” food and water – organic produce, free-range organic meats and poultry, filtered water etc. Avoiding prescription medications where possible is helpful, as well as being cognizant of air quality and trying to avoid smog, industrial pollution and car exhausts.

The second way is to support the body’s detoxification pathways. We do this by giving nutrients that upregulate liver function, supporting the enzyme pathways that turn harmful toxins into benign substances. Then we support the “output” channels, making sure bowel function is optimized so that metabolites of toxins can be excreted.

Detox at RestorMedicine

The RestorDetoxification Program has been carefully designed to address these two aspects. A detailed nutritional program that avoids common allergens and inflammatory and toxic foods addresses the “toxins in” part, minimizing the toxic stress on the body, and giving the system a chance to rest and rejuvenate.

The “toxins out” part is addressed with a pleasant-tasting protein shake with added micronutrients to support Phase I and Phase II liver detox pathways, combined with a fiber blend to support healthy bowel function. Depending on individual need, we may combine anti-parasite and anti-Candida remedies and more advanced liver support, along with probiotics to promote healthy gut flora, as part of the cleansing process.

We also offer powerful treatments that increase the potency of any detox program, including far infra-red saunas, vibration plate therapy for lymphatic cleansing, and pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy for recharging the cellular batteries and promoting healthy exchange of nutrients in, and toxins out, of each and every cell.

A detoxification program ranging from 8 to 21 days can provide a good “kick start” to better health, increasing energy levels, shedding excess pounds, and boosting immune function. It can also be used as a deeply healing tool for those with chronic illness. Our bodies have the wisdom to heal themselves – sometimes the best thing we can do is remove as many of the obstacles to healing as possible.

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