WHAT IS THE HCG DIET? The HCG diet is based on the work of Dr. ATW Simeon, who discovered that the true cause of obesity and being overweight is an abnormally operating hypothalamus. This causes intense and constant hunger, low metabolism, food cravings, and abnormal excess fat storage in problem areas of the body. The HCG protocol combines a strict and specific diet with a small daily amount of the hormone HCG given either sublingually or by injection. This combination […]
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The Benefits of Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is one of my favorite health tools. In this post, you’ll learn about the many health benefits of infrared sauna, the difference between near, mid and far-infrared waves and what each is best for, and how to get the most out of your infrared sauna experience. I will also let you know the exact sauna I recommend and why it’s so special (hint: it contains a Himalayan salt wall … ahhhhhh!).

The Power of the New NAD Synergizer to Boost Your Health, Promote Cellular Healing, and Slow Aging

What if you could feel like the real you? The best you? What if you could actually influence your genes, to live a longer, healthier life? You can, through nutrigenomics. We now know that we have control over how our genes are expressed – we can boost our inherent antioxidant production, repair our mitochondria, and now, with the new NAD Synergizer, increase sirtuin production by 100% (never heard of sirtuins? No worries, I’ll tell you more about them in a […]
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RestorMedicine Welcomes Our New Lyme Coach

We are proud to introduce our new Lyme Coach Natalie Spaeth. Natalie became desperately sick with Lyme disease in 2016 at age 18, having had a tick bite at age 10. She has done the gamut of treatments – everything from herbs to dietary modifications, Rife therapy, oral and IV antibiotics, HBOT, UVLRx, ozone, TPN and the list goes on. Having once been bed-bound with IV antibiotics and IV feeding, she found her way to recovery through a variety of […]
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