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Five things every woman should do BEFORE she gets pregnant

Pre-Pregnancy Checklist by Dr. Nicola McFadzean, Licensed Naturopath in California and Connecticut   Start an exercise routine The general consensus on exercise for most stages of pregnancy is “do during pregnancy what you were doing prior to pregnancy”.  Of course there are limits to this – I would not recommend a pregnant woman do marathon training, even if she ran a marathon the year prior to her pregnancy.  That might be a little extreme!  But nor should she really start […]
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Pre-Conception Health Care

Dr. Nicola’s Natural Preconception Program™ , developed by Dr. Nicola McFadzean, is a program that prepares both parents for healthy conception and pregnancy. It is a preventive program that addresses nutritional, lifestyle and environmental factors, noting their importance in the development of a healthy baby. The impetus for this program came from Dr. Nicola’s work with children with autistic-spectrum disorders (ASD). In the United States today, 1 in 160 children are diagnosed with autism. Autistic-spectrum disorders have reached epidemic proportions, […]
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Pre-Conception Care Protocols

NATUROPATHIC PREGNANCY CARE – NUTRITION Nutrition counseling is an important component of Dr Nicola’s Natural Preconception Program™. Good nutrition is vitally important to all stages of life, especially before conception occurs. Most women are aware of the recommendation to take extra folate during pregnancy, however it is not enough to start taking it when you realize you are pregnant. By then, 6-8 weeks of the pregnancy may have passed. Most birth defects occur when the fetus’s spinal column is fusing […]
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Pre-Conception Care Testing

Dr. Nicola uses sophisticated diagnostic testing to assess the health of both parents. While mom is the primary candidate because her body will be housing the growing baby, it is also important to optimize dad’s health. Following are some of the areas that are tested – Genetic testing While genetic testing and counseling for genetically-linked disorders such as Down’s syndrome is not new, Dr Nicola’s Natural Preconception Program™ offers a different and unique type of genetic testing called Nutrigenomics. This […]
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Pre-Conception Care Timelines

It is estimated that roughly 40% of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. Those that are planned actually start preparation for a healthy baby after conception has already taken place. In the biological sense the life process, and the hazard to development of the life process, begins about 100 days before conception, when both the male and female germ cells (sperm and egg) begin their maturation process. It is at this time that both the sperm and the […]
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Dr. Nicola’s Approach to Hormones

Dr. Nicola works with both men and women with health problems relating to hormone imbalance, including – * Menopause and peri-menopause * Andropause * Pre-menstrual syndrome * Preconception health * Infertility * PCOS * Uterine fibroids * Ovarian cysts There are many factors that influence the hormonal milieu within a man or woman’s body. Most people do not realize that any kind of stress of the body can throw out the delicate balance and give rise to symptoms. Such stressors […]
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Naturopathic Medicine and the Treatment of Infertility

Naturopathic Medicine and the Treatment of Infertility Introduction Infertility can be defined as the inability to conceive and produce viable offspring i. A diagnosis of infertility is usually only made after one year of engaging in sexual relations without contraception. Where once it was thought of that infertility was predominantly due to the female, studies now show that approximately 30% of cases are due to female factors, 30% due to male factors, 20% to combined, and 20% to unknown causes […]
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