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Sleep: A Most Important Element for Good Health

Sleep may be one of the most important things you can do for your health.  Sleep serves many functions for us, and is the time that our bodies do our rest and regeneration. At night, cortisol levels fall, which triggers the “shut down” message for our bodies also.  Melatonin, the hormone that differentiates between night and day, dark and light, increases.  That combination of hormonal events is necessary for healthy sleep patterns. Further, the fall in cortisol allows the immune […]
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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback: update and summer special

NeurOptimal neurofeedback is an amazing therapy with benefits for autistic-spectrum disorders, ADHD, Lyme disease, depression, anxiety and eating disorders to name just a few.  We have had a wide array of people doing sessions over the past year, with varying diagnoses, and the results have been impressive. Improved sleep, more positive emotional state, improved memory & cognitive function, and better ability to focus and concentrate are among the top benefits. Here are what some of our patients have experienced so […]
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Naturopathic Detox at RestorMedicine

New Detoxification Therapies at RestorMedicine We all know that we live in a polluted world … there is mercury in the fish we eat, lead in the water we drink, chemicals in the veggies we eat, and antibiotics in the meat and poultry we ingest.  And never mind the air that is constantly being dirtied by coal-burning power plants, the chemicals in medications, toxins in cleaning products, aluminum in personal care products … and it goes on.  Got the picture? […]
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Patients in Australia

Australian Patient Guide Patients living in Australia are very welcome here at RestorMedicine. Dr. Nicola is honored to be able to connect with and help Lyme sufferers in her homeland. Below is some information to help you better understand what it means to be an international patient at RestorMedicine. Topics covered include (click link below to go directly to that section): Setting Up Your Appointment Costs Supplements Medications Lab Work Bi-Annual Clinics in Australia   If you have any questions […]
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