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Detoxification at RestorMedicine

Introducing the RestorDetoxification Program   After months of careful formulation and design, we are pleased to introduce the RestorDetoxification Program. Whether you just need a spring clean to boost your energy or shed a few pounds, or you are suffering from a chronic illness that taxes all your body’s systems, a detoxification program can be a powerful tool to boost your health. Our bodies, although perfect in design, were never designed for what they are subjected to today. We live […]
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Soothe and Relaxx: Help for Pain, Sleep and Mood

One pill that can help pain, sleep and mood – and it’s all-natural!   Soothe and Relaxx is one of my all-time favorite remedies. It contains an amazing mix of ingredients to give it application to many different states and conditions. It lessens pain, reduces inflammation, calms the nervous system, provides joint and connective tissue support and relaxes the muscles. Many people with chronic illness experience pain. Much of that pain stems from inflammation, which can be systemic or localized. […]
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Naturopathic Medicine: the medicine of the future

After several years of being in practice as a Naturopathic Doctor, I am more and more certain that this is the way that medicine will be practiced in the future.  Ironically, much of the practice of naturopathic medicine involves a return to the way things used to be – doctors who actually listen to their patients and take time with their patients, therapeutic modalities that are in harmony with the body’s natural healing processes, and a philosophy of medicine that […]
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