Low Dose Immunotherapy: New Therapy for Lyme Disease Treatment Available at RestorMedicine

Much of Lyme treatment is centered around killing off various microbes with antimicrobials – whether they be herbs, essential oils or antibiotics. While this makes good sense (Lyme is, after all, a bacterial infection that should be overcome by antibiotics whether natural or pharmaceutical), it is often not quite that easy. Lyme disease is more than an infectious process – it can act more like an autoimmune disease. The presence of the bacteria in the body is one thing, but […]
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Gluten and Brain Function

GLUTEN AND “LEAKY BRAIN”: how gluten contributes to cognitive decline. It is no secret that diet and nutrition are key for good health, and for a healthy brain. There is a profound difference in outcomes and health levels for those who adhere to a strict diet, versus those who eat whatever they like. Those who are careful about what they put into their bodies experience lower levels of pain and inflammation, more energy, more even keeled emotions, and better brain […]
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The Latest From RestorMedicine

There is a lot going on at RestorMedicine these days! Firstly, we would like to welcome Carmen Lee to our team at RestorMedicine. Carmen is our new medical assistant, and will be helping with our therapies in office, as well as assisting Brenda in patient correspondence. Carmen has replaced Andrea in our shipping department, and we are looking forward to getting our dispensary and shipping functioning much more efficiently under her management. Andrea is no longer with us and we […]
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Beginners Guide to Lyme Disease – Diagnosis and Treatment Made Simple

Beginners Guide to Lyme Disease is a new Lyme book just released by Dr. Nicola McFadzean For most people a diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease brings with it a lot of emotion.  For some it’s relief, as finally they have a name for what they’ve been experiencing all these years, and confirmation that they’re not crazy; for others, it’s a devastating, momentous finding and one that brings with it a lot of anxiety and fear. Either way, people who are […]
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Diets for Lyme Disease

Navigating the most appropriate diet for a Lyme disease patient can be difficult, but good nutrition is such a crucial part of any treatment regimen that it is well worth addressing. Lyme disease is an illness caused by bacteria that is typically transmitted via ticks, but may also be spread via lice, fleas, mosquitos and other insects. I believe that maintaining optimal nutrition is crucial for Lyme disease sufferers, but there is limited information on what people should eat, and […]
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Dr. Nicola’s Blog Talk Radio Interview on Lyme Disease

Click the play button to hear Dr. Nicola McFadzean’s interview with Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. Lyme Disease is one of the fastest-growing and most misunderstood conditions in this country. During the interview Dr. Nicola discusses how Lyme Disease is contracted, how it is treated, and why the medical community is resistant to the disease’s very existence as a chronic infection. The interview ends with dialogue on Dr. Nicola’s The Lyme Diet book, and how it can help Lyme patients […]
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Lyme Disease Diet and Lifestyle Factors

Tips for Nutrition and Lifestyle to Heal From Lyme Disease   Drink 2L daily of clean, filtered water – helps to flush out waste material Reduce foods that cause inflammation – gluten, dairy, any foods with IgG intolerance Diet should comprise mostly of lean, organic proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats such as olives, avocado, coconut, flax oil Ensure adequate fiber to sweep/ detox bowels – flax seed, psyllium Minimize sugars, caffeine and saturated fats Sleep – maximize sleep before […]
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What Is Lyme Disease

Definition of Lyme Disease By definition, Lyme disease refers to an illness caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. This definition has been expanded to include other strains of Borrelia such as afzelii, andersonii, garinii.

Lyme Disease in Australia

In the following slides from a recent presentation in Sydney, Dr. McFadzean demonstrates why there is a need for heightened awareness around Lyme Disease and its various co-infections in Australia.

Lyme Diet Book Reviews

Dr. McFadzean’s book is refreshing and unique. It provides sound, thoroughly researched information presented in a clean and cogent format. The Lyme Diet will become an essential tool for Lyme practitioners and patients alike. Steven Harris, MD. Redwood City, CA. I have been treating people with Lyme and coinfections since 1997. People who have suffered for many years recover best when they utilize a comprehensive approach, especially one that includes optimal nutrition. This book is a must-read for anyone who […]
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